Do you feel that you are experiencing more stress than ever? 75% of adults say they’ve experienced high levels of stress recently, and also that their stress has gotten worse over the last year. If stress is not dealt with it can lead to mental, physical, and emotional health problems. Stress promotes habits that will make your vein symptoms worse.

Circulation Issues

One of the biggest problems you will face with stress and vein health is circulation. Stress causes your blood pressure to rise which increases the pressure on your veins. If your stress is not short-term, you are not giving your veins a chance to alleviate that stress. The pressure only continues to build the more stress that you have. You find your veins struggling more and more to properly pump the blood back up to your heart, and this will show itself in the form of pooling blood, also known as varicose veins. As the obstruction of blood flow continues, your legs become increasingly swollen, leaving you to endure a great deal of pain and varicose veins.

Weight Gain

One of the stress hormones that we all carry in our bodies is called cortisol. The purpose of this hormone is to increase your blood sugar levels to help you in having more energy to deal with stressful situations. Though cortisol can be helpful when it comes to smaller, short-term stress issues such as getting you through a big work presentation, it is really bad when your life is so stressful on a regular basis that your cortisol levels do not have a chance to drop. If your stress is on-going, that means your cortisol levels are staying high, and your body is constantly telling you that it needs food. This is what causes weight gain. The pressure that extra weight puts on your veins is problematic. The damaged veins will weaken even further under the additional pressure, and most often take form as varicose veins.

How Do I Alleviate Stress In My Life

Don’t Let Work Consume Your Life

Many people struggle with the stress that work causes them, making it a very important part of your life to keep under control. One of the ways you can do this is to, as much as possible, leave your work at work. Don’t take it home with you. It is important that you use your time at home to relax and unwind, and give your stress levels a chance to go down.

Exercise Daily

You don’t need to spend 2 hours at the gym, or train for a marathon, but finding a way to incorporate at least 30 minutes of exercise into your daily life will massively improve your stress, and thus, your vein health.

Prepare Your Food

If you have a busy work life or home life, prepping your food for the week is a great way to battle the over-eating issues that typically arise when stress levels are high. Rather than going through the drive-thru after a crazy day at work, spend one day prepping enough food for the week that you just have to come home and warm something up. You’ll get the nutrients you need without the effort, on the nights you really need it most.