With Thanksgiving and Christmas just weeks away it means time to travel for most of us. Travel often disrupts your exercise routine and forces you to stay in confined spaces like cars or airplanes. During flights, restricted movement, lower oxygen pressure and dehydration cause blood to pool in your legs, increasing your chances of developing Deep Vein Thrombosis or blood clots. What can we do to prevent a complication?

  1. Wear compression stockings.
  2. Stay active: In addition to wearing compression, stand or walk around the plane cabin every hour. Stop the car at a rest area and walk around. Calf exercises also help circulation and stretch when possible.
  3. Wear loose-fitting clothing: Tight pants and Spanks limit the blood flow through your groin area.

Remember to think about yourself this holiday season. Your continued health is one of the best gifts you could give yourself this year. Healthy Legs = Healthy Life!