Treatment Overview

There are several different treatment options available for individuals with Spider Veins and Varicose Veins:

Because of the similarity between spider veins and varicose veins, it is important to visit us so that we can determine your condition by performing an exam.

Our surgical and non-surgical treatment techniques are done right in our office. Patients do not need general anesthesia or a stay in the hospital.  Because local anesthesia is used, the procedures are relatively painless. Contrary to the old-fashioned regimens of bed rest after vein treatment, patients are instructed to walk as much as possible immediately after surgery and in the days that follow. This speeds healing and helps reroute blood to the deeper, healthier veins. Most patients return to work and fairly normal activities the next day. Strenuous exercise should be avoided during the first seven days after surgery, but unlimited walking is allowed. Compression hose are often prescribed to be worn during the post-procedure period.

The Vein Center at Johns Creek

At the Vein Center at Johns Creek, Dr. William H. Johnson, MD and his staff are devoted to offering the best quality vein treatment in a tranquil, relaxed, comfortable and professional setting. As well, the Vein Center at Johns Creek provides various options to fit your needs such as Sclerotherapy, and Ambulatory Phlebectomy.

If you have any questions or concerns about leg vein problems like Varicose Veins or Spider Veins, feel free to make an appointment or contact the staff. For easy availability, Dr. William H. Johnson is located in Suwanee, GA. He also serves the surrounding areas like Duluth, Lilburn, Alpharetta, Dunwoody, Chamblee, Doraville, Roswell, Sugar Hill, Buford, and Duluth.


All information within this web page is not meant to take the place of professional medical advice. Be sure to make an appointment with Dr. Johnson or a specialist if you have any concerns.