Sclerotherapy is a medical procedure that is primarily used to treat vascular and lymphatic malformations. A special mild solution is injected into the dysfunctional veins or capillaries, which causes them to shrink and collapse. The vein is then absorbed into the body so that blood can be redirected to a healthy vein. Thus, the outcome restores proper venous circulation in the affected area.

According to the Mayo Clinic, a Sclerotherapy is usually done in a doctor’s office and is performed without anesthesia. But the treatment itself is basically painless and takes fifteen minutes to an hour to finish, depending on the condition. Some procedures entail numerous treatment sessions and can take several weeks to complete. However, preparing for treatment can reduce the number of treatments and the mild side effects.


It is advisable to have an exam before having a Sclerotherapy. Therefore, the specialist or physician can take tests and determine which specific veins may need treatment. As well, an exam will give the physician more awareness about your past and current medical history.


Prior to a Sclerotherapy, it is advisable to avoid taking anti-inflammatory medications or Aspirin for ten days. Limiting Aspirin will decrease the amount of bruising that can occur after treatment. Also, continue taking Aspirin if your physician recommends small doses for cardiovascular health

The Day of Treatment

During the same day of treatment there are certain guidelines to ensure that you receive optimum results.

  • Eat regular meals
  • Avoid shaving or waxing your legs
  • Shorts can be worn during treatment if you like
  • Bring in support stockings to wear after the treatment
  • Make sure to have a long skirt or pants to wear after the treatment
  • Avoid putting lotion and oil on your legs so that the necessary tape during treatment will adhere to your legs

During Treatment

For treatment, you typically lie on your back with your legs raised slightly. Once the area is treated with alcohol, the physician uses a small needle to slowly inject the solution into the problematic vein. Discomfort is minimal. However, some people experience minor cramps or stinging where the needle was inserted. At times, pain may arise if the solution drips from the vein into the nearby tissue.

When the needle is removed, the area is massaged and compression is applied. This method is used to spread the solution and keep blood out of the injected vessel. As well, a compression pad can be taped to areas so the physician can move to the next vein if needed.

You can generally get up and walk right after the treatment. In fact, leg movement is very important in order to prevent blood clots. And to maintain pressure on the treated veins, compression stockings are worn for about two weeks.

Generally, usual activities can be continued right after treatment. But it is best to have some drive you home after the sessions. As well, strenuous activities should be avoided for a couple of weeks. Moreover, direct sunlight on the area should be avoided for about 14 days.

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Note: this article is not meant to replace professional medical advice. Be sure to make an appointment with Dr. Johnson or your MD if you have any questions or concerns.

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