New research confirms that extended hours sitting down while at work and commuting can be a major factor in the growth of chronic disease. In fact, studies show that about 70 percent of health care costs are from preventative conditions. According to Runners World, sitting is now the new smoking even for some runners. Runners World further states that the entire time spent behind a computer, at a desk, in front of the TV or car-commuting is interconnected to the increase of diabetes, depression, varicose veins, heart disease and cancer. In fact, many specialists label the present-day health epidemic as the “sitting disease”.

What about people who run after or before work?

As Runners World states, numerous researchers claim that even exercise enthusiasts and runners will die at an earlier age if they spend many hours of the day sitting down. Reports show that people spend around 64 hours a week sitting, about 28 hours standing and 11 hours walking about doing chores or errands. So even spending the recommended 150 minutes a week exercising, if you spend a lot of time sitting then you are at risk.

The World Health Organization

Even the World Health Organization (WHO) now records inactivity as being responsible for nine percent of premature deaths and is the fourth largest killer in adults. In fact, WHO states that there are around 3.2 million deaths every year that are connected to inadequate physical activity.

WHO further states that the reasons for physical inactivity are partly due to a surge in sedentary conduct during work and domestic activities plus less deficient physical activity during leisure time. Other factors for inactivity may include environmental factors in urban areas such as low air quality, violence, lack of parks, limited or to expensive recreation facilities and high-volume traffic.

How to Get More Physical Activity at Work

For optimum health and the prevention of many chronic diseases, it is imperative that you get more exercise during work hours. And with a few tips and extra measures, you can easily add more physical activity to your day with a few small changes like:

  • Walk or bike to work
  • Take the long way back to your desk
  • Always take the stairs and avoid the elevator
  • Use a yoga ball or exercise ball for your desk chair
  • Instead of a siting workstation, use a standing one
  • Park your car farther away from your work entrance
  • Instead of sending an in-house email, take a walk to your coworker’s desk
  • Reorganize your desk so that you have to stand up to reach certain items like your files
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